Biblical Counseling


We are all looking for answers in life. We want our marriage to be great, we want our children to grow up well, we want to handle our anger or our worry, and we want to be able to handle the difficulties that enter our lives. However, let’s face it, sometimes life is hard. Where then do we turn for answers? Where do we look in order to get help? 


We, at Grace Baptist Church, believe that biblical counseling provides the answers because biblical counseling is committed to three core principles.


First, it is committed to the belief that God has provided answers. Rather than assuming that we are helplessly on our own, we will find hope and help through the counsel of God’s Word in the Bible.


Second, biblical counseling focuses on the sufficiency of the Bible. We will show you how to change and grow, how to view problems through a different set of lenses, and how to be hopeful in the midst of challenging circumstances.


Third, biblical counseling is committed to communicating the love of Christ in a compassionate way. In other words, counselors genuinely care about what is happening in your life, and they are committed to help.


In order to begin, you will need to contact us. Then, there will be some initial information we will make available to you. After you carefully look it over, if you would like to proceed, you will need to provide us with basic information about yourself and the issue or issues troubling you. We have a simple form to fill out, which will direct you in providing this information. Once, we have received your information, we  will contact you to set up an appointment. We hope to hear from you because it is our desire to share with you God’s real answers for your real problems.