WelcomTo Grow In Grace Pre-School!

At Grow in Grace Pre-School, our desire is to foster academic, social, and spiritual growth in each student while keeping each child’s unique developmental
timetable in mind.
Our Program includes the following:    

  • Our program is rich in language usage because the development of speaking skills is the first step to developing children who love to read and learn. We use quality children’s literature and music and offer frequent, rich opportunities for speaking and interacting.

  • We emphasize the development of speech and language skills, and we also focus on pre-math skills such as number concepts, colors, shapes, counting, and number identification.

  • Fine and gross motor skills will be developed through a variety of movement activities ranging from painting, coloring, and drawing to jumping, catching, and running.

  • Students’ social skills will be nurtured through group activities, one-on-one play opportunities, and individual student-teacher interactions. 

  • Our ultimate goal is to share the truth of our awesome God. Through Bible stories and activities, students will learn of God’s character, creation, love, and provision for our salvation. They will also learn the application of these truths to each and every area of their lives – intellectually, socially, spiritually, emotionally and physically.

  • Openings are available for:
    Class time for school is going to be 9:30 A.M. to Noon. 
  • Wednesday & Thursday
    2 Days A Week Program - $125/ month  ($1,125/ year)


Our Teachers

Mrs. Meyers is a New York State certified teacher in grades nursery though twelve. She is also certified in Elementary, Special, and Reading Education. She has taught in a variety of 
educational settings including both public and private schools, home-schooling and tutoring. Mrs. Meyers has also served as a director, teacher, and aide in a pre-school setting. She is especially fond of young children and greatly enjoys working with them.

Mrs. Meyers has lived in this area all of her life. She has three grown children, all of whom are involved in the field of education in one way or another.

Miss Elisabeth has worked in a preschool setting for several years. She enjoys working with children, especially preschoolers. Miss Elisabeth is also actively involved with children’s ministries at Grace Baptist Church.

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If you have any questions, please contact us by calling
(315)695-2341 or click email Us for more information.